Set - Chair + Table

$2,270.45 NZD

Get 10% off both items when purchased as a duo.

To achieve the maximum benefit of our tautoko products it is highly recommended that they are to be used together. It is scientifically proven that this will achieve the best results.

The chair was our first design, to first and foremost correct the position you are sitting in at the workstation. To take the strain and discomfort away from the spine, hips and all joints from feet up to the neck.

Secondly the table was designed to connect with the chair, to have the monitor at the correct height. The angle between the neck and the head is to be 90 degrees. The monitor must sit directly Infront of you, direct at eye level.

Both products are adjustable. No nuts, screws and bolts required, easy to assemble to where is correct for you. With each order comes with a separate portable device stand. This is crafted from the left over cut of the wood. 

Each product is made to order + hand crafted.