Perfect Posture Table

$1,799.00 NZD

The Perfect Posture Table was designed to accompany the Perfect Posture Chair in creating an ergonomically friendly environment either at work or at home.

The Perfect Posture Table has been designed to come in a flat pack , easy assembly as there are no screws, or nuts and bolts only four wooden pegs which help secure the sides of the table to the modesty board, secure the table top and monitor platform to the modesty board too.

The slots in the sides of the table are at varying heights to allow the table top to slide into while the modesty board also has slots to allow the back of the table top to slot into.

The same goes for the monitor platform which has slots to slide into too.

To determine the height of the table top, the elbows have to be roughly at 90° with forearms on the table top. Then the monitor platform height is determined by the center of the monitor is at eye height.

The height of the monitor stand is vital to put the neck in its natural position or lordotic curvature. When in a neutral position the neck muscles are relaxed as are the shoulder muscles because the shoulders are drawn backwards not slouched over. 

The order of creating the perfect posture are :

1) Chair height : 120° behind knee

2) Table top : ~90°elbow bend

3) Monitor platform : Eye height to center of the monitor screen


Each product is made to order + hand crafted.