Our Design

The Tautoko Perfect Posture chair has been 10 years of meticulous research and design. The Perfect Posture chair is a synergy between art and science. The art derived from the rich cultural heritage of the Maori Iwi and the strong scared Kauri tree. In Maori culture the New Zealand native Kauri tree holds a deep spiritual importance. The strong, straight tree oversees and outlasts many other fauna in the forests. This same art is what the Perfect Posture chair brings, a strength and unwavering loyalty to your well-being. The Science in the Perfect Posture chair is the 10 years of study, of research, of design and design again, testing and crafting. The science in the chair is the belief that pain and discomfort are not a necessary evil of sitting at. desk, they are an option. So while this may look like a chair, to us, it is Tautoko. 



Plywood is used for the structure of the Perfect Posture chair for a few different reasons. Firstly and importantly, plywood is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The wood is a warming and earthy colour while the striations represent the subterranean layers of the earth out of which the strong tree grows. We also like to think of the layers as each different NZ small business that helped us craft this beautiful chair. 



It was important to us that all of the components if the chair were New Zealand made and manufactured. Many small local businesses have had their piece in crafting the Perfect Posture chair, a physical representation of Tautoko. 


This chair while more than simply a chair, was at the core, designed to alleviate pain and discomfort, reduce fatigue and help you perform. Relieving pain and discomfort is where the Perfect Posture chair was born from and where all of the 10 years of development and research have been fuelled from. Don't just take our word for it though, check out some of our testimonials.