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The Tautoko Crest has a very significant Māori connection as the Koru signifies the roots of the designer’s Māori heritage with the left portion representing their Koro’s (grandfather) iwi ‘Ngāi Tahu’ and the right side signifying their Kui's (grandmother) iwi Ngāti Toa. Then the two Iwis join together to combine with the seed of creation from the Kauri tree to forge through the ground to produce the fern fronds and the mighty Kauri tree. The fern fronds signify the waves of the water that encompasses Aotearoa (New Zealand) while the Kauri tree rises up straight and strong with its striations, signifying the spine with its vertebra and discs, with the leaves signifying new growth (nerves coming away from the spine) while the Kauri cone signifies the world from which the Perfect Posture Chair intends to reach.

Perfect Posture

The Perfect Posture Chair has been crafted and refined for over 10 years. The classic work place has changed so dramatically and so quickly, more so in the last 3 months than in the last 10 years. With this comes sitting on a chair for longer periods of time and if the chair is poorly designed this can lead to
more poor posture related injuries.

The Perfect Posture Chair has been developed around the name Tautoko. The Tautoko meaning is strength and and support. The Tautoko crest design has a significant bearing on the Māori culture especially Ngāti Toa and Ngāi Tahu Iwis.

The Perfect Posture Chair is 100% Kiwi ingenuity, all of the materials have been expertly crafted by small New Zealand Businesses. Additionally all logos, digital and website content support small New Zealand's businesses. So from the plywood to the upholstering to the wheels and other components. This collaboration of Aotearoa ‘number 8 wire’ ingenuity has created the Perfect Posture Chair to help create the perfect sitting posture.