How Can the Perfect Posture Chair help me?

How Can the Perfect Posture Chair help me?

The Perfect Posture Chair’s unique design will force the user to sit with a straight back while the back seat support nestles just below the shoulder blades, causing the muscles from the lower back right up to the neck to be not as stiff and fatigued as if you were sitting for prolonged periods in a poorly designed office chair

To receive the full biomechanical benefits from the Perfect Posture Chair, the persons heels should just be touching the floor with their feet flat on the floor and the angle between the feet and the shin bone should be 90 degrees. 

The seat base's angled design will prevent the hips from tilting backwards while at the same time will assist in creating the ideal angle behind the knee which should be no less the 120 degrees. 

Why is this angle so important? Less than 120 degrees will automatically cause the hip bones to rotate backwards, causing the low back to flatten out putting undue pressure on the low back muscles and all lower backbones. So, over the course of a long day sitting, these forces and pressures will only create low back discomfort, muscle tightness and fatigue.

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